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3 Ways To Use Social Media To Help Boost Holiday Sales

Sales, sales, and more sales - it’s the best thing about the holiday season, at least for retail stores. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas Eve being the biggest shopping days of the year, the holidays are your time to shine as bright as that Christmas tree star. If you aren’t using your social media accounts to draw in holiday shoppers, you’re missing a big part of the action. In fact, over 95% of online shoppers say they are influenced by social media when making a big holiday purchase. That’s why using social media to promote your business during the holidays is even more important than the Christmas pudding.

If you aren’t social media savvy, don’t fret! Here’s our holiday gift to you: 3 ways to use social media to boost your holiday sales. 


You may think that giving away your merch is a bad business move, but in the social media world (and the holiday season) you’ve got to give to receive. Do both with holiday giveaways for your social media followers. A giveaway is a great way to create interest in your product, boost engagement and attract new (and loyal) customers.

There are a few ways to do this. One idea is to ask your followers to share a post or tag a friend to be entered into a giveaway. This spreads awareness of your brand and helps you gain new likes. Another choice is to do a giveaway before the launch of a new product to create interest and demand days before it hits the shelves and sites. Whatever you choose, just be sure to ask your winner to share a review of their prize so your other followers know what they missed out on. 

Promotional Codes

People love being part of an exclusive club. Give your followers that privileged feel with some social media promotional codes. Discounts, free shipping, or early access to new products are examples of social media promotions that will keep your followers glued to your page. They’ll also share your promotions with friends and family, drawing in more leads and more sales. 

Take it a step further by creating promotional codes that are page-specific. In other words, vary your codes between your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages. This way, you can promote your accounts across platforms and entice your Facebook followers to join in on Instagram (or vice-versa). It’s what we like to call two gifts, one box. 

Discounts on Website

Holiday posts don’t have to be flashy or gimmicky. Simply promoting your holiday website discounts on your social media pages can draw people into your site - and keep them coming back for more. It’s a simple way to increase your website traffic and let your customers know that you’re full of holiday cheer. It also gives them a reason to check-in at your website in the future for more special deals. 

Don’t forget to contact our social media marketing team to get a top-feed social media presence during every season of the year!