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5 Tips for Improving Your Emails

When it comes down to it, email marketing is all about getting the basics right.

Yes, you should be segmenting your lists and yes, paying attention to those open rates and conversion rates are important but you also want to invest time in strategies like positioning, voice and value of your emails.  These 5 tips may seem basic but you’ll find that many of your favorite emails coming through your inbox, the ones you open every day, employ the tips in a single email.  For best results, apply liberally.

Create an exclusive club.

Making your email subscribers feel special is a great way to generate excitement for the content or offers you send them.  It’s also a powerful community-building tool. 

Exclusivity can be subtle, like the Apple example below.  Whenever Apple launches a new product, customers camp outside their stores to get their hands on the latest device.  By offering a pre-order, Apple can cash in on that excitement without putting additional stress on their retail stores.  With free shipping as an added incentive, these emails will no doubt drive huge sales before the next iPhone is even released.










Ask for Feedback.  

As long as you’re not too pushy, it’s okay to ask for feedback. Find a way to ask without making it sound like the feedback is for the company’s gain but rather to help you, as a business owner, find ways to make their service better.  Here is an example:

Get personal.

Email is a great way to humanize your brand.  The inbox is an intimate place, mostly used for personal conversation.  Your presence there is a privilege, so do your best to write like a human.  It’s okay to talk about challenges, obstacles and even failures.  Readers can relate since they are likely facing similar situations, whether in business or in their personal lives.  Even quotes from your company’s CEO can go a long way, like the example below.

Tell readers what to do next.

One big mistake people make with conversion is failure to make the next step completely clear.  How can someone convert if they aren’t sure what to do next?

Conversion rate experts stress this over and over again: “Be clear and direct with your users, telling them exactly what you’d like them to do.”

The idea is simple: just add the webinar to your calendar.  Not only does this reinforce the behavior pattern of clicking the emails, but it also increases the chances that the registrants actually attend the webinar.  Once it’s on the calendar, they will get alerts from their phone and/or computer…it’s like free marketing!

Keep readers on their toes. 

This tip is unconventional, but it’s proven to work.

On one hand, you want your readers to know what to expect in your emails.  In our case, here at BIS Designs, that means a new blog post every Wednesday.  Our readers know there will be a new blog post each week but they don’t know what topic will be covered until they receive an email once the new blog has been posted on our website. 


There are plenty of tips out there about how to increase your open rates but you also want to concentrate on becoming and remaining valuable to your clients and customers. If you have any additional tips to share with us, feel free to share in the comments!


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Author: Stephanie May


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