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Employee Spotlight: Donald Johansson

Donald Johansson


Donald Johansson wears many hats for BIS Designs. Not only is he the president of BIS Designs, but he’s also our lead designer and front-end developer.  Donald founded BIS Designs in 2009 – along with Phillip Long and Kevin Welch.

Web design has been his passion since 1995. After graduating college in 1999, he worked at a local printing company. Soon, the printer realized Donald’s talent for web design which would allow them to expand their client offerings. From then on, Donald has been the go-to designer for each company he has been with. 

Today, Donald designs and develops websites for BIS Designs’ clients. As an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, he also designs logos, brochures and other printed materials clients request. Donald’s expertise is an incredible resource as he also helps with the troubleshooting and maintenance our client websites require.

Not all his time is spent behind the computer screen. In fact, Donald has received numerous awards for painting miniature figurines, his greatest hobby. He also enjoys playing the classical guitar, photography and helping his wife in her garden.

In his own words, he’s quite adept at: 

Playing guitar
Ping pong
Miniature painting
Slicing bread
Morse code 
Eating candy
Picking strawberries
Untangling knots
Doing things quickly
Directions, running
Board games
Making spaghetti sauce
Repetitive tasks
In the spirit of full transparency, Donald admits he could use some improvement on: 
Touching his toes with straight legs
Creative writing
Remembering names
Going to bed on time
Maintaining a good posture
Pop culture
Remembering which switch is the light and which is the fan
Throwing things away
Running fast
Binge watching TV shows

We’re thrilled to have Donald lead our team at BIS Designs. Every day is filled with creative assignments, and being able to work with the witty, even-keeled, inspiring webmaster Donald makes each task that much more enjoyable.