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Why is a Mobile Website a Must?

The Mobile Necessity

In today's world of smartphones, internet browser usage is now dominated by mobile devices and not the desktop. With more and more individuals surfing the web on their smartphone, the requirement of having a mobile friendly website has reached the point to where Google is now strongly influencing website rankings based on whether or not a site is mobile friendly. Here are few more key points on why a mobile friendly website is so crucial:

Always Accessible

Consumers carry their smartphones everywhere, and are able to make instant decisions and follow up those decisions with purchases. Thus making it crucial for you to make your business, services and products accessible to consumers anytime and anywhere.

What They Want to Know

Consumers often access your mobile website for quick information access. They want a contact number, email for to fill out a form for further information. Your mobile website gives them quick and easy access to all the information they want to know about your business.

Consumer Friendly Content

If your website is not a mobile version, your customers and visitors will quickly become annoyed with having to zoom in and out and scroll around the page to find the information and products they are looking for. You mobile website is already built for their smartphone browser, and makes navigating your content and your website a breeze.

Keeping Up with Competition

If your competitors have a mobile presence, you can't afford to fall behind. If a potential customer is stuck between a mobile website and non-mobile site, it could quickly become the deciding factor on whether or not you gain a customer or lose one.

Site Launch! Ron's Catering Website.
Based in Mobile, Alabama, Ron's Catering is a business with multiple facets. This premier food service company needed a website to represent their brand's café locations and catering services. Ron needed the flexibility to showcase and regularly update his two cafes' monthly menus (Dauphin Street Cafe and Café 3201). BIS Designs developed his website on a DotNetNuke platform, which features user friendly edit-it-yourself technology to make updates quick and easy for Ron and his busy schedule.

The Ron's Catering website serves as a central hub for visitors to secure details about his café locations, learn about the catering services he provides, view a portfolio of the company's work, get up-to-date menu information, review customer testimonials and to contact Ron personally with any questions and/or requests. To visit Ron's website, go to: