Branding & Identity

When creating an identity for your business, you must portray your organization's core values, vision and mission through your corporate design. Our professional staff of experienced marketers can help you with all your corporate design needs from simple logotype and color schemes to a full graphic profile and range of marketing materials. 

Your brand identity is an essential aspect of your business. It's how your company looks to your potential and current customers as well as the general public. Even if you aren't a "corporation," it's still important to showcase your business in a consistent and professional manner. 

Benefits of branding your business

Increases Company Recognition

Defines Company Values

Aids in Company Growth

Provides a Differentiator

Creates Client Loyalty

Improves Company Culture

Graphic Design


If you need to garner attention and bring in more business, then use our graphic design services to do exactly that. Here at Gulf Coast Local, our designers have years of experience and superior design skills. They'll work with you to produce marketing and print materials to impress your potential clients and put you ahead of your competition. 


While search engine optimization and social media marketing is the preferred method of marketing nowadays, direct mail and print advertising are not dead! It's still important to brand your business via multiple marketing channels. And sometimes the best way to get noticed is through printed materials including brochures, posters and postcards. It's another way to say to your customers "we're the right company for you because we're the professionals!" We can also help you with materials you might need for a trade show or other exhibit, such as banners, table covers,  displays and promotional items.




Social media is all about relationships. We promise to treat your customers like our own and to create a digital space that aligns with your brand, supports your business goals and that's just a lot of fun too.








Your logo is your potential customer's first impression of your business. In order to attract new customers, you need a memorable and well-designed logo to stand out from your competition and show off the professionalism of your business. 
Our skilled graphic designers create appealing logos to reflect your company's image and make your brand easy to identify.